josh (leschat) wrote,

dream medjia

had a couple last night, the best i was with laura walking home through the woods and we saw a wolf, then we saw a ram. then they both started to attack us at the same time! there was a big fence and i climbed it but so did the ram. so i told laura to call her mom and ask her to ome help us make a big noise or something. she came out and i had comic images of her jumping through the air with an mp5 and blood flying. images, not moving pictures. it was wicked sick

another me and my sis were at my cousins lake house, and the waves were crazy! the only cool part was when my cousin was trying to get his dog to eat its treat by putting money by it, and like the dog knew the 100dollarbill was the big one. then we got pizza and the pizza places all had separate deals where if you let different animals bite you they gave you cheaper pizza, so i let a snake bite one finger and some little chipmunk or something on the other one LOL

then in another me and travis were in meijer and he was gonna buy some crab legs, i thought it said 47 dollars a pound! it was 17 he insured me, then he got the champagne? which was really what was 17 dollars a pound. however that makes sense, that one was short just like that
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