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bitch better skip and hop from the block

Yesterday i had a couple beers, some hotdogs, alot of pie, then played basketball! Seriously?! I kept up and didn't do too bad but i was bout to vomit. Played with gregbob travler and minkner it was a good time. That is really the lest of what i did but is a journal really for what i did or what i'm thinkin about. and i was thinking about playin cause it was fun and i hardly play or are good at basketball.

but besides that everyday my engine grows by 10ccs and ive never felt greater or wanted to wake up earlier than almost anytime in my life. never had such great people around me like this before and never had the will to put people i dont need in my life down. get ya shine on bitches

and besides that who wants to go shootin? ive been on a little break but i'm ready to be back at how much i used to go. ill provide guns and most ammo just comeon. and i know shell never read this but lauryn i just did what i said i wouldn't hahahah :d i also got my necklace outa the safe felt like dawnin it again, might finish the medalliontime too
Tags: tell ya bitch to get out my shit lollolo
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